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0- Lux_Atman: Thanks to ARKANUM X for this Lux Atenea Webzine interview!!!

1- Lux_Atman: Eroticism and the Reflexions, Ancient Ritualism and dark spirituali-ty,... what´s the music history of Arkane from 2000 to this year 2011?
Arkanum X: ARKANE commenced the musical procedure back in the year 2000 by the monicker xARKANEx, right after my Departure from Ancient folk project DAEMONIA NYMPHE, which I formed together with my brother Spyridon Back In 1994. “Arcane Elitism” Was Released in 2002. It was A period Of deep experimentation which resulted to changing the projects name to simply ARKANE in the Year 2004. “Enraptured Serene Mesmerism” was The debut ARKANE Album which got Released in 2008.

2- Lux_Atman: I like so much your last release “ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMER-ISM” (2008), are you in love with the music now as you were 11 years ago?
Arkanum X: Mesmeric masquerade seduction shall see the light of release on the first day of 2012 January, according to the schedule. I have worked really hard on this album in order to accomplish perfection, stigmatized by a profes-sional and more sophisticated musical and artistic concept, ARKANE manages to stimulate the mesmerizing aesthetics of seduction. The new material is a concept album, it is a musical and aesthetic concept based on the mesmerism of masquerade seduction in 9 parts.

All Musik Has A similar, Almost compulsive common song structure with intense atmosphere that delivers profound sentiments of seductive mes-merising Art, thus driving the listener to a mesmerising trance, ecstatic al-luring seducement !!! Operatic Haunted Female Voices Blend With a Mix Of Anatolian Mysticism…

I Highly regard this upcoming opus As My real Debut Album. This is What I am In Love With.

3- Lux_Atman: You are a Greek artist but your songs are written in English. In Greek language, why not?
Arkanum X: English Is An International Lingua, therefore it´s used as a mean to spread the message of ARKANE Worldwide. However If I ever felt like Using Hellenic, I wouldn’t hesitate to either... but English Titles And Lyrics Ex-press me utterly for the moment. After all there are not Much scripts to my musik up to now…

4- Lux_Atman: In my hands, two excellent albums: “ARKANE ELITISM” (2002) and “ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM” (2008). When I bought your first album published by The Fossil Dungeon, titled “ARKANE ELITISM” (2002), I listened a new look for the neoclassical music and I think that “ARKANE ELITISM” was a music revolution. What´s the philosophy included in “ARKANE ELITISM”?
Arkanum X: Thank You Very Much For Saying This…

I Think Arcane Elitism Was An Album Ahead of Its Time but As I mentioned Earlier, For me it Was Just Experimentation. My first Steps on This Genre... there was Much Variety on that Album… from Bombastic Martial To Ethereal... Major Contribution played the fact that My brother Spyridon From DAEMONIA NYMPHE Participated On it.

5- Lux_Atman: And, in “ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM” (2008), again, I see new ideas for neoclassical music, for dark-ambient music,… in an eclectic look in every song. What's your inspiration for? Is “ENRAPTURED SE-RENE MESMERISM” a gnostic look to the meaning of the life?
Arkanum X: Enraptured was Solely a Neo-Classical Album... Just Straight Forward And Direct…Much Influenced By Dark Symphonic Soundtracks, it created a real mesmerising atmosphere.
No, It´s Not A Gnostic look To the Meaning Of Like as it is An Entrance To The Seductive Trance... Allurement and profound Seducement… Also it is The Opening of What is Yet To follow…And Believe me ..What is up Next is The MESMERISING REVOLUTION OF SEDUCTION !!! A SEDUCTIVE APOCALYPSE !!

6- Lux_Atman: “ARKANE ELITISM” (2002), “ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMER-ISM” (2008), why do you need a long time to publish every new album? What do ARKANE hope to achieve with their music?
Arkanum X: Every ARKANE Album Is Heavily based On PERFECTION And high Levels of Spiritual Achievement... otherwise I wouldn’t have released it… That requires a great amount of time as being obvious. I prefer quality to quantity and that’s a reality. I have Put up So much Inspiration And Energy On my Upcoming Opus. You will Most definitely Hear What ARKANE Is all Bout…This Is The Real Beginning…The New Album Shall Achieve Sentiments of seductive mesmerism... Like Being Trapped In A maze Of Seducement... You are Ensnared And There is no other Option Than Being MESMERISED !!!!

7- Lux_Atman: Who is the Death for you? What´s meaning to your all dark music that you are composing?
Arkanum X: ARKANE is not About Death…There is Darkness Indeed But No Death…My purpose of Existence is Exploring High Divine Levels Of Mesmerism... Elevation Into Higher Spheres Of Seduction... A Mesmerising Climax to sentiments Arcane.

8- Lux_Atman: Do you believe in God? Why?
Arkanum X: I believe In A higher form Of Divine Existence... In The Ancient Times it was Called polytheism... In our Times Its Called GOD …I´m not deeply Religious but I am certainly Not A Nihilist or Atheist… I can be described As a Religious Agnostic although it might Sound Weird…

9- Lux_Atman: When you compose a new song, do you need a long time to change that idea to music sounds, or you can to do it quickly?
Arkanum X: Long Time For Sure…..Each Track changes and changes until it gets its final formation.
All The New Material have had constant Changes Until I got the final de-cision to terminate them at the point I was utterly satisfied by them.

10- Lux_Atman: What’s the most difficult song that you have created? And, what's your personal favourite ARKANE track?
Arkanum X: All Songs Had Similar difficulties In composing And recording Them …From ENRAPTURED SERENE MESMERISM, I like “Nereida Tempt-ressa” And “Entrancing Of The Nereid” The most.

11- Lux_Atman: All your songs like me so much, and I see that you self-published your last album. Do you prefer this publishing way, or stay in contact with music labels to publish your albums in the future?
Arkanum X: I prefer To Self Publish My Albums. I intend To remain That Way in the future.

12- Lux_Atman: Underground music scene has a global crisis of new ideas, concepts, styles,... How do you see the music scene in Greece? And, in Europe?
Arkanum X: Yes Indeed. Stagnation and lack of creativity dominates the scene in the recent years. There Are Not Many Bands That I l find interesting enough to captivate me. However I think that The Hellenic Scene plays the most Important role in what I call Art. The Best Projects In Hellas Happen To be The Leading Force of the global scene in my opinion. I mean Look At SEPTIC FLESH – They Are The best Symphonic Death Metal Band In The World Right Now. DAEMONIA NYMPHE Is The Best Ethereal/folk. DIRTY GRANNY TALES, The best Acoustic Experimental theatrical. SIVA SIX, One Of The best In Electro Industrial EBM and ARKANE and CHAOSTAR, maybe the best two Neoclassical projects right now as well. So You name it, We got it.

In Europe there are very few bands that I like and can compete with the Hellenic Bands I Mentioned Earlier.

13- Lux_Atman: How do you see the future of the underground music scene with Inter-net, illegal downloads, thinking globally unique,…?
Arkanum X:There Is No Future ……But ART will never cease to exist…..

14- Lux_Atman: Talking about music, what's the title of the album published recently that you enjoy to listening? And, the title of the album that you will listen always?
Arkanum X: Those Are The Albums That Changed My life……

1) Dead Can Dance -Within The Realm of A dying Sun
2) Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium
3) Limbonic Art- Moon In The Scorpio
4) The Protagonist- A rebours
5) Arcturus- La Masquerade Infernale
I´m currently Listening To The Recordings Of New ARKANE Material Exclusively.

15- Lux_Atman: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with musically?
Arkanum X: Yes Many Artists …Among Them DIAMANDA GALAS, Mouldbreath of DIRTY GRANNY TALES, Androniki Skoula Of CHAOSTAR… All Greeks... :)

16- Lux_Atman: Do you like to read comics, books, novels, poems?
Arkanum X: Comics no… neither novels or poems… I read travelling books, medical books and that short…

17- Lux_Atman: Are your songs, your poems written with music sounds?
Arkanum X: No, there are musik enriched with some mesmerising Propaganda.

18- Lux_Atman: You like to compose music but, do you like to create works in other artistic styles (painting, sculpture,...)?
Arkanum X: Nah……only composing musik and writing texts.

19- Lux_Atman: What does the future hold for ARKANE?
Arkanum X: The new Album In 2012, Plus 5 compilations …3 from Germany, from France And One From Chile…

The Message Of ARKANE is Spread Out Globally.

20- Lux_Atman: Have you visited Spain?
Arkanum X: Yes, Two Times Already. I really Like Spanish cities. They Are A Wonder Of Architectural Class… MADRID, BARCELONA, VALENCIA, ZA-RAGOZA And TOLEDO I have visited... can´t Wait To be back In Spain soon…

21- Lux_Atman: A great stroke of luck for your new album!!! Best wishes to you and ARKANE, and, in Spain , I wait to see you soon. This interview is clos-ing..., would you like to say any words to?
Arkanum X: Thank You For This Great Interview ….
www.myspace.com/xarkanex ARKANE Official Web
ORDER My musik From seductionprod@hotmail.com


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