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En el mes de julio del año 2004 tuve el placer de poder hablar con el grupo Violet Stigmata. Esta entrevista es un resumen de esos buenos momentos vividos con esta banda gótica francesa...

Lux_Atman: Violet, colour of reflexions; Stigmata, the Passion’s scar, what´s the history of your band name?

Violet Stigmata: Actually, there's no relationship between religion and the name of Violet Stigmata, which comes from the colour that takes the skin when you have scars that you reopen and reopen again. Lyrics are very important to me, and they sound like open scars to me when I sing on stage.

Lux_Atman: France is Baudelaire, Balzac, Sade,... ; France is Montaigne, Rimbaud,... Could you say me your personal favourite french poet, or writer? Or, your personal favourite poet, or writer?

Violet Stigmata: The only writer who could make me read a lot is not French, it's HP Lovecraft. Anyway I particulary like Lautréamont and Sade for what they represent. And I have to admit I've read "Les Fleurs du Mal" by Charles Baudelaire but I couldn't do it until the end.

Lux_Atman: You are a french music band but your songs are written in english. In french language, why not? And why not in English?

Violet Stigmata: English is a very "singable" language, isn't it ? On the other hand you're quite right, and we already have one song from the next album written in French. We'll try to use several different languages indeed.

Lux_Atman: In the booklet of your last record “Progénitures suite & fin”, I see three babies looking at. Babies, why?

Violet Stigmata: Our babies simply represent the second and last part of these songs which are in a certain way our little babies. They symbolize a finished part of our past. "Progéniture" means "spawn" in French. "Spawns, the Following and the End" could be the right translation for this title.

Lux_Atman: In my hands, an excelent goth music record. I see new ideas for a new gothic rock. Your melodies, your guitars, your voices,...every song is a new message, a new world, a new feeling,... dark atmosfears, voices, ambients, where are you see your inspirations for?

Violet Stigmata: Hmm... Inspiration comes from many different sources, but as long as I'm responsible for the lyrics, it used to come out from personal feelings and it's a personal therapy for me. I think it's a kind of privilege to be able express it in music and we're very lucky. Violet Stigmata took me out from depression and death envy. Then our lyrics are not especially funny but we a whole lot better.

Lux_Atman: First, to write words; after, to compose music. Why?

Violet Stigmata: It is obvious that we build the concept first and only when we know what we're gonna talk about, we can create the right music, so that even if you don't understand the words, the atmosphere allows you to understand the meaning of the song. The word creates the sound.

Lux_Atman: Keyboards and machines are very important in your songs. What´s your music vision about? Do you believe this keyboard instruments are very important for composing songs?

Violet Stigmata: Well, we love keyboards. They might be fundamental in some of our songs because they create a special feeling. We'll keep on using it, but in the same time we want to insert new textures and new instruments in our future songs. We need to experiment unusual sounds now. Even if we have to leave the goth area. We would like to mix the biggest pan of emotions as possible, through classical and more experimental structures. We'll see...

Lux_Atman: Sacral ambients..., do you believe in God?

Violet Stigmata: Never.

Lux_Atman: It´s very difficult to select only one song, but “Legacy” likes me so much. What´s your personal favourite song of Violet Stigmata? why?

Violet Stigmata: It's quite hard to choose! We have different reasons to prefer one song or the other ; personally I like performing "Cold Stomach" but my favourite one must be "Cut The Flesh Wires" from "Décompositions & Reliques".

Lux_Atman: Violet Stigmata is a goth band. What´s the music bands, or goth bands, with more influence in Violet Stigmata?

Violet Stigmata: We listen to very different stuff, from deathrock to ambient, from metal to old ebm, industrial projects, 60's acid rock bands... We like bands like Neva, Clair Obscur, Kirlian Camera... We like original music, whatever the name is. We don't care about what is goth or not; by the way, there is an excellent band in your country called "la Peste Negra".

Lux_Atman: Like music band, in Violet Stigmata, what´s the great problem you figth day by day?

Violet Stigmata: We play music to have fun, but France is not the right place to do it ! And as we all have a job beside it, it's hard to save time to struggle... And there would be lots of things to arrange, gig organisations, problems with labels, the need of money to do what we want on stage... Carpe diem...

Lux_Atman: You have played live and, what´s your unforgettable music experience lived? Do you prefer working in the studio, or playing live?

Violet Stigmata: Both aspects of music are interesting, but playing live is such a great moment. The only time you can mix hate, sadness and joy with a touch of decadence ! Our best memory must be the Invitation Festival at Gant (Belgium) close to Brussel. The best stage we ever saw, and a wonderful audience.

Lux_Atman: What does the future hold for Violet Stigmata?

Violet Stigmata: The new album we're working on, and a stage concept, parallel to the album. We want to play more in foreign countries. Wait and see...

Lux_Atman: Thanks to Violet Stigmata for this Shadow´s Garden interview!!! and a great stroke of luck for your new album!!!


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